Thursday, April 13, 2006

Luneta from long ago...

Old photograhps have a way speaking volumes more than anyone can write- I'll post from time to time here... stuff I've found over the years... working my beat. these three below come from even before my grandparents were born!!!

While reseaching a story I came across these on the pages of the US national archives - they are open pictures... and credit is required to US National Archives UM collection philippine Islands...

View from Newly constructed Manila Hotel entrance of Luneta

Well - this is first time I've seen it even before Roxas blvd. existed the Rizal Mounument is your landmark ..... this is late 1900 or 1901

Another view -

No granstand yet -- I'm not even sure there is grass growing!

Intramorus circa 1900-1901 those were telegraph lines statue is the Legaspi Statue - not sure even if its still there .... Note : US flag flying above the walls

Below: Modern view... gives you an idea although this photo isn't that recent either but a lot newer than than those above ! At least it's from this century!


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